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  • Dan Mitchell

HUSTLEPALOOZA Results | July 20th, 2019 | Williamstown,NJ

Match (1.) Steve Sanders def. Danny Gallagher 

* Both were originally scheduled to be in the scramble, but Danny wanted Sanders more! Jimmy Lloyd's music hit to distract Danny & Steve rolled im up for the W. H20 Boss Matt Tremont came right out and made a 3 Way Ladder Match for HUSTLEMANIA 2 on September 28th! between Steve,Danny & Jimmy for a contract that we will learn more about soon. 

Match (2.) Jeff Cannonball w/ Mitch Vallen def Marc Angel 

* Chondo was on vacation so Jeff fought Angel alone and if he defeated Marc, Cannonball & Mitch would get a Tag Title shot 9/28. This match saw brutal Kendo Stick shots from Angel to Cannonball, Mitch got involved as-well, in the end Cannonball was victorious and they get title shots at Hustlemania!

Match (3.) 7 man SCRAMBLE 

Devon Moore def RUCKUS w/ Robbie Mireno, Drew Blood, Frankie Pickard, Stefan Pennington, Boom Harden & Ron Voyage 

* Devon Moore faces whomever is HYBRID Champion for the Title at Hustlemania on September 28th

** Sean Henderson returned to H20 for the 1st time since losing to Ron Mathis at Super Clash and getting his head shaved! He talked about being reBORN. What does Henderson have in-store for his future in H20?

Match (4.) HYBRID Title: (c) Chuck Payne retained vs Bam Sullivan w/ Mouse 

* Mouse was the thorn ringside for HYBRID Champ Chuck Payne so he had to worry about 2 opponents. Payne prevailed after taking out Mouse then Bam to retain his HYBRID Title.

Match (5.) Kit Osbourne def Conor Claxton 

* Originally scheduled to be a 3 Way Dance w/ Brandon Kirk, but Kirk was on is way from another event in North Jersey and didn't make it in time for the match. Kit won when he went to put an "Adult Toy" in conor's mouth and Conor told the Referee he gave up, giving Kit the victory! 

Match (6.) H20 Championship: (c) Lucky 13 retained the title vs Aiden Baal

* This was a back and forth 1st time ever match and Aiden Baal showed he could hang with the champ. Mouse was taken out earlier but made his way back out to interfere when he pushed Lucky off the top rope, Lucky would persevere and get the W. 

* Moments after retaining the title, Ron Mathis & company attacked Lucky 13, after months of running rough shot, Mathis officially declared himself , Tyler Voxx and Bruce Grey as "WTF" White Trash Forever ! and stole Lucky's title. 

Match (7.) Devil's Bull-rope Match: SHLAK def Dan O'Hare 

* After months of trading the HYBRID Title back n forth and spilling blood, this was the war to settle the score between the two once and for all in H20. After touching the barbwire wrapped turnbuckles in succession SHLAK was victorious!  

Match (8.) BARBWIRE CAGE: G-Raver def STOCKADE 

* 9 months in the making, it all ended inside the 2nd ever Barbwire Cage match in H20 History when Raver hit the metoria off the top rope onto stockade thru a pane of glass for the victory! 

* After the match, The entire Extricated of (Bam,Mouse & Aiden) hit the ring to attack Raver. Stockade made his way back inside, we thought he would align himself with The Extricated but Stock saves raver, then Ron Mathis & his "WTF" stable hit the ring. Lucky 13 runs in the cage but its still 6 on 3 until The Bulldozer Matt Tremont hits the cage and gets rid of the stables. 

* Tremont then takes the mic and announces several matches for Hustlemania in September. "WTF" stable mates Bruce Grey & Tyler Voxx will take on in tag team action the returning Ruckus & Robbie Mireno. Tremont took the title back from Mathis and gave it to the real champion Lucky 13 and made the title match for 9/28 when Mathis will challenge Lucky for the H20 Title. 

* Tremont's proclamation continued when he said Stockade has come home and "The Awakening" (Father Tremont,Stockade & G-Raver) will reunite to face The Extricated at Hustlemania in a 6 Man Fans Bring The Weapons Match! 

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