1. Johnny Jager def. Ike Phillips 

2. CJ Benson def. J-Red 

3. Terra Calaway def Corinne Mink 

4. Jeff Cannonball def. BOOM 

5. Amy Lee & Stockade (Time Limit Draw) 

6. Dan O Hare def. Frankie Pickard, Jimmy Lloyd & Chris Volta 

7. Devon Moore def. Sean Henderson 

8. Anything Goes: Chuck Payne def Jimmy Lyon 

H20: Destruction in Dayton 7/20/18 Dayton,Ohio

1. Jimmy Lyon def. Drew Chaos 

2. Stockade def Axel Lennox & Cyrus Deville 

3. Logan Black def Jeff Cannonball 

4. Devon Moore def. Lowlife Louie Ramos 

5. Mouse def. Aiden Baal & CJ Benson 

6. Jimmy Lloyd def Drew Blood 

7. Conor Claxton def. Mitch Vallen 

8. Brad Cash def. Logan Creed 

9. Devon Moore won the Deathmatch Gauntlet 

1. Bam/Aiden Baal def.Stockade/G-Raver & Devon Moore to win

H20 Tag Titles

2. (c) Conor Claxton def. Mike Del to retain the H20 Hybrid Championship

3. Mance Warner def. Brandon Kirk 
4. Maria Manic def. Tera Calaway & Mickie Knuckles - Falls Count Anywhere

5. "Chainsaw" Tony def. "Lowlife" Louie in a FMW Street Fight 

6. Dale Patricks def. Josh Crane in a Boards of Brutality Deathmatch 

7. (C) Jeff Cannonball retained the H20 Championship def. Steve "Monsta" Mack 

8. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def. Jimmy Lyon in a No Rope Barbwire Match 

1. Gabby Gilbert def. Gabby Ortiz 

2. Terra Calaway def. Faye Jackson 

3. Brittany Blake def. Gemma Cross 

4. 4 Corners of Pain: Amy Lee def Stockade 

5. Willow Nightingale def Davienne & Katred 

6. Maria Manic def Skylar 

7. Deathmatch: Randi West def. Amazing Maria 

1. Barbwire Hell: Matt Tremont def. Mikael 

2. Kyle Maverick won the H20 vs RSPro Scramble 

3. Larry D def. Steve Mack 

4. Maria Manic def Samantha Heights 

5. Dan O' Hare def SHLAK 

6. HYBRID Title: (c) Conor Claxton def Aero Boy 

7. Stockade & G-Raver def The Hooligans 

8. H20 Championship: 3 Way Dance FBTW 

(c) Ron Mathis def Alex Colon & Jeff Cannonball

H20: Deathmatch Extravaganza 10/20/18

1. Drew Blood def. Lowlife Louie Ramos 

2. Jimmy Lloyd def Orin Veidt 

3. Aiden Baal / Bam Sullivan def. Tony Deppen & Sean Henderson 

4. Rickey Shane Page def. Kyle The Beast

5. Shlak & Maria Manic def Jeff Cannonball & Terra Calaway 

6. Alex Colon def. Dysfunction 

7. Nation of intoxication def. The Awakening

"1 Year Anniversary" Results - june 9TH 2017
"A Christmas Classic" Results - DECEMBER 23RD 2016
WH20: Women's Wrestling *Debut Event* 11/17/18

1. Jeff Cannonball def. Terra Callaway 

2. G-Raver def. Jimmy Lyon 

3. Drew Blood def. Mike Del 

4. Matt Tremont & Amy Lee def. Jeff Cannonball & Terra Callaway 

5. Danny Havoc def. Dan O' Hare & Stockade 

6. SHLAK def. DJ Hyde 

7. Maria Manic def. Willow Nightingale 

8. Blackwater def. Jimmy Lloyd, Tulpa & Kit Osbourne to become 1st H20 HYBRID Champion! 

"It Was All A Dream" Results - June 10th 2016

1. Fans Bring The Weapons: Matt Tremont def. Mance Warner

2. Maria Manic def. Lufisto 

3. Sean Henderson def. Marc Angel 

4. Conor Claxton def. Jimmy Lloyd, Dan O Hare & Kit Osbourne 

5. Devon Moore def. Toby Klein 

6. H20 Tag Titles: Aiden, Bam & Mouse retained over Stockade, G-Raver & Mikey Whipwreck 

7. SHLAK def Lowlife Louie Ramos 

8. Dog Collar Match: Josh Crane def Dale Patricks 

9. H20 Championship: Alex Colon def (c) Jeff Cannonball to win the title 

10. H20 Championship: Ron Mathis def (c) Alex Colon to win the title 

(1.) 1st Rd: FBTW - Jimmy Lloyd def Bam Sullivan 

(2.) 1st Rd: Home Run Derby - Dan O' Hare vs Casanova Valentine 

(3.) 1st Rd: Bed of Nailz/Tack Pit - Alex Colon def Aiden Baal 

(4.) 1st Rd: Barbwire Brutality: G-Raver def Brandon Kirk 

(5.) Ron Mathis & Mikael def. Devon Moore & Ganger 

(6.) Marc Angel & Jimmy Lyon def. LowLife Louie & Sean Henderson 

(7.) H20 Title: Jeff Cannonball def. Stockade to win the Title

(8.) FINALS: House of Hell: G-Raver Def. Dan O'Hare, Jimmy Lloyd & Alex Colon 

H20: "305 HOSS" Williamstown,NJ 12/8/17 
"Blood Money" Results - october 20th 2017

1. KTB def Steve Mack, Tj Marconi & Demarkus K

2. Stockade def. DJ HYDE & Nate Carter 

3. Bull James def. Maria Manic , Ace Romero & Joe Gacy 

4. Bill Carr def. Greg Excellent, Brute Van Slyke & Rex Lawless 

5. HYBRID Title: Mike Del def (c) Blackwater via DQ (Blackwater Retained) 

6. H20 Championship: (c) Jeff Cannonball retained over Dan O'Hare 

7. FINALS: Bill Carr def, Bull James, KTB & Stockade 

1. 1st Rd: Fans Bring The Weapons 
Alex Colon Def. MIKAEL

2. 1st Rd: Beds of Death 
Devon Moore def Jeff Guerriero

3. 1st Rd: House of 1,000 Thumbtacks 
Conor Claxton def. Drew Blood & Ron Mathis

4. Arts & Crafts Deathmatch 
Danny Havoc def. Stockade

5. Singapore Cane Match:
Eddy Blackwater & Jimmy LLoyd fought to draw

6. Shlak & Dan O'Hare def. Hounds of Hatred

7. Hogan's Box of Death-Match 
Matt Tremont def. GANGER

8: 4 Way Elimination barbwire TLC Finals

Alex Colon def. Danny Havoc, Devon Moore & Conor Claxton 

1. Tulpa def. Blackwater 

2. Stockade vs Kevin Sullivan - No Contest 

3. Nikolai Volkoff def. DJ Hyde 

4. Mad Man Pondo def. Jimmy Lyon 

5. Alex Colon def. Jimmy Lloyd 

6. team Rockstar Pro def. Team H20 

7. H20 Title: Shane Douglas def. Devon Moore & Drew Blood 

8. Matt Tremont vs Sean Henderson - No Contest 

H20: Bloody Burgers 11/30/18

1. Conor Claxton def. Chris Volta 

2. Blackwater def. Stefan Pennington 

3. Dan O' Hare def. Tulpa 

4. Devon Moore def. Marc Angel 

5. Jeff Cannonball def. Mike Del 

6. Terra Calaway def. Stockade 

7. Sean Henderson def. G-Raver 

H20: Sweet Dreams  4/6/18 
H20: Written in Blood 9/14/18

1. Chuck Payne def. Johnny Jager 

2. Tim Taylor def. Myles Millennium 

3. HYBRID Title: (c) Dan O'Hare def Stockade, Conor Claxton & Terra Calaway

4. Ladders & Chairs: G-Raver def GORY 

5. Cinder-blocks & Carpet Strips: Jeff Cannonball def Mitch Vallen 

6. Matt Tremont def Danny Gallagher 

7. Good Housekeeping Match: Maria Manic def. Jimmy Lyon 

8. 6 Man Ultimate Jeopardy: Alex Colon, Devon Moore, Drew Blood def. (c) Ron Mathis,Mikael & Kyle Maverick 

H20: Opportunity Knocks 8/10/18 
Subterranean Violence 4 - January 27th, 2019 

1. Kit Osbourne & Jimmy Lyon def. SHLAK & Maria Manic 

2. Royal Money def. Ellis Taylor 

3. Alex Colon def. Jimmy Rave 

4. H20 Championship: (c) Ron Mathis retained def. Devon Moore 

5. Deathmatch: Lowlife Louie def. Mitch Vallen 

6. HYBRID Title: Dan O'Hare def (c) Conor Claxton 

7. Devils Den Match H20 Tag Titles: (c) The Extricated def. The Awakening 

1. Lucky 13 def. Jimmy Lloyd 

2. HYBRID Championship: (c) Dan O'Hare def Marc Angel 

3. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def. Cheeseburger 

4. H20 Tag Team Titles: Devon Moore & Drew Blood def (c) The Extricated

5. Jimmy Lyon won the 26 Person Christmas Chaos Rumble 

6. H20 Championship: Barbwire Cage Match: Alex Colon def (c) Ron Mathis 

1. Maria Manic def. Jimmy Lyon 

2. Mike Del def. Kit Osbourne & Tulpa 

3. Dan O' Hare def. Kit Osbourne 

4. Rockstar Pro def. The Awakening 

5. Black water vs Jimmy Llyod - No Contest 

6. Marc Angel def. Sean Henderson 

7. Jeff Cannonball def. Shane Douglas to become NEW H20 Champion

8. (Doors,Tacks & Forks) Alex Colon def. G-Raver 


1. Ace Austin def. Jeremiah 

2. Kit Osbourne def. SHLAK 

3. Bam Sullivan & Aiden Baal vs The Rep - No Contest 

4. Stockade def. Mouse 

5. Matt Tremont def. Mitch Vallen 

6. Charlie Tiger def Jordan Oliver & Ellis Taylor 

7. Aero Boy def. Alex Colon 

8. Amy Lee def. DJ Hyde 

9. H20 Championship: (c) Ron Mathis retained over Maria Manic

1. H20 Tag Team Titles: (c) Notorious Inc def. Jimmy Lyon & Marc Angel 

2. Jeff Cannonball def. Raven Havoc 

3. Steve Mack def. Maria Manic 

4. Eric Ryan def. Eddy Only 

5. Jimmy Lloyd def Danny Gallagher

6. Jeff Cannonball def Drew Chaos 

7. G-Raver def Ron Mathis 

8. H20 Championship: (c) Alex Colon def Lucky 13 

9. Mitch Vallen def Stockade 

10: HYBRID Title: SHLAK def Dan O'Hare, Brandon Kirk & Casanova Valentine to win the HYBRID Title.

1. Tulpa def. Dante Caballero 

2. Aaron Williams def. Dustin Rayz 

3. Stockade & G-Raver def. Ganger & Devon Moore 

4. Maria Manic def. Shlak - to become #1 Contender 

5. Dan O' Hare won the "Christmas Chaos Rumble" 

6. H20 Championship: (c) Jeff Cannonball def. Ron Mathis & Alex Colon 

7. HYBRID Championship: Jimmy Lloyd def. DJ Hyde 

H20: Opening Day 7/7/18
"Brutality" results - August 12th 2017

Blackwater def. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy

Ryan Galeone def. "The Lariat" DJ Hyde

3 Way "Santa's SACK of TACKS" Match
Dan O'Hare def. Jimmy Lyon & Marc Angel

Devon Moore & Drew Blood def. Danny Havoc & Conor Claxton

"Christmas Presents of Carnage"
STOCKADE def. Jeff Cannonball

"Naughty or Nice" Mixed Tag Team Match
"Bad Bad Boy & Girl" Joey Janela & Penelope Ford
defeated Jimmy Lloyd & Maria Manic

Main Event: 'Christmas Chaos" (Shopping Cart, Barbwire, Staple Gun) 
Matt Tremont defeated SHLAK

H20: Opportunity Knocks 2 9/30/18
H20: Hardcore Kingdom 2 Tournament: 2/9/18 
H20: "Christmas Classic 2" 12/22/17 

1. Johnny Jager def. Tulpa 

2. Terra Calaway def. Gabby Ortiz & Corrine Mink 

3. Jeff Cannonball def. Sean Henderson 

4. Stockade def. Mr. Mayhem 

5. Anything Goes: Chuck Payne def. Jimmy Lyon 

6.Jimmy Lloyd won the Halloween Rumble 

7. Deathmatch: Sage Sin def. Jeff Cannonball 

H20: Merry F'n Christmas 12/22/18 

H20: Subterranean Violence Vol #3 8/19/18 

Jeff Cannonball defeated Tony Deppen
HOPE Wrestling King of Flight Title Mach

Jigsaw retained against Sonny Kiss, Archadia, & Blackwater
NWA Women's Championship

 Amber O'Neal retained against Penelope Ford w/Sozio

1st Time Ever!

Matt Tremont defeated Kevin Sullivan via Disqualification.
Funkenstein 4 Corners of Survival

Storm of Entrails (Dan O'Hare & SHLAK) defeated Wheeler YUTA & Jimmy Lloyd, Frankie Pickard & Curt Robinson, and Preacher & Sozio w/Arlene

1st Time Ever! “The Franchise”

Shane Douglas vs. Eddie Kingston

H2O Tag Team Championship Match

Danny Havoc & Conor Claxton defeated Notorious Inc. (Devon Moore & Drew Blood) to become the 1st ever H20 Tag Team Champions

H20: Hardcore Halloween 10/31/18