Blackwater def. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy

Ryan Galeone def. "The Lariat" DJ Hyde

3 Way "Santa's SACK of TACKS" Match
Dan O'Hare def. Jimmy Lyon & Marc Angel

Devon Moore & Drew Blood def. Danny Havoc & Conor Claxton

"Christmas Presents of Carnage"
STOCKADE def. Jeff Cannonball

"Naughty or Nice" Mixed Tag Team Match
"Bad Bad Boy & Girl" Joey Janela & Penelope Ford
defeated Jimmy Lloyd & Maria Manic

Main Event: 'Christmas Chaos" (Shopping Cart, Barbwire, Staple Gun) 
Matt Tremont defeated SHLAK

1. Tulpa def. Blackwater 

2. Stockade vs Kevin Sullivan - No Contest 

3. Nikolai Volkoff def. DJ Hyde 

4. Mad Man Pondo def. Jimmy Lyon 

5. Alex Colon def. Jimmy Lloyd 

6. team Rockstar Pro def. Team H20 

7. H20 Title: Shane Douglas def. Devon Moore & Drew Blood 

8. Matt Tremont vs Sean Henderson - No Contest 

"1 Year Anniversary" Results - june 9TH 2017
"A Christmas Classic" Results - DECEMBER 23RD 2016

1. Jeff Cannonball def. Terra Callaway 

2. G-Raver def. Jimmy Lyon 

3. Drew Blood def. Mike Del 

4. Matt Tremont & Amy Lee def. Jeff Cannonball & Terra Callaway 

5. Danny Havoc def. Dan O' Hare & Stockade 

6. SHLAK def. DJ Hyde 

7. Maria Manic def. Willow Nightingale 

8. Blackwater def. Jimmy Lloyd, Tulpa & Kit Osbourne to become 1st H20 HYBRID Champion! 

"It Was All A Dream" Results - June 10th 2016

1. Maria Manic def. Jimmy Lyon 

2. Mike Del def. Kit Osbourne & Tulpa 

3. Dan O' Hare def. Kit Osbourne 

4. Rockstar Pro def. The Awakening 

5. Black water vs Jimmy Llyod - No Contest 

6. Marc Angel def. Sean Henderson 

7. Jeff Cannonball def. Shane Douglas to become NEW H20 Champion

8. (Doors,Tacks & Forks) Alex Colon def. G-Raver 

Jeff Cannonball defeated Tony Deppen
HOPE Wrestling King of Flight Title Mach

Jigsaw retained against Sonny Kiss, Archadia, & Blackwater
NWA Women's Championship

 Amber O'Neal retained against Penelope Ford w/Sozio

1st Time Ever!

Matt Tremont defeated Kevin Sullivan via Disqualification.
Funkenstein 4 Corners of Survival

Storm of Entrails (Dan O'Hare & SHLAK) defeated Wheeler YUTA & Jimmy Lloyd, Frankie Pickard & Curt Robinson, and Preacher & Sozio w/Arlene

1st Time Ever! “The Franchise”

Shane Douglas vs. Eddie Kingston

H2O Tag Team Championship Match

Danny Havoc & Conor Claxton defeated Notorious Inc. (Devon Moore & Drew Blood) to become the 1st ever H20 Tag Team Champions

"Brutality" results - August 12th 2017
"Blood Money" Results - october 20th 2017

1. 1st Rd: Fans Bring The Weapons 
Alex Colon Def. MIKAEL

2. 1st Rd: Beds of Death 
Devon Moore def Jeff Guerriero

3. 1st Rd: House of 1,000 Thumbtacks 
Conor Claxton def. Drew Blood & Ron Mathis

4. Arts & Crafts Deathmatch 
Danny Havoc def. Stockade

5. Singapore Cane Match:
Eddy Blackwater & Jimmy LLoyd fought to draw

6. Shlak & Dan O'Hare def. Hounds of Hatred

7. Hogan's Box of Death-Match 
Matt Tremont def. GANGER

8: 4 Way Elimination barbwire TLC Finals

Alex Colon def. Danny Havoc, Devon Moore & Conor Claxton